Removing Glasses


In this tutorial, we are going to go through the process of removing glasses from a person's face in a photograph. This is also a good tutorial if you want to see what someone looks like without their glasses, but they don't want you to see what they look like.


1. Open the photograph of the person who is wearing glasses into Photoshop.

2. Select the Clone Stamp Tool.

3. Select a brush size for your clone stamp tool that is appropriate for the size and resolution of the image.

4. Zoom in on the face where you want to start removing the glasses.
5. Hold down the ALT key to click on an area that is adjacent to the glasses.

6. Let go of the ALT key. Then start cloning over the glasses.

7. Follow the same procedure for the rest of the glasses. Selecting areas of the face that are right next to the glasses, then cloning over them.

8. You will notice that there are some areas that will look ugly after you clone. This will get corrected later. For now, just continue to clone as best you can to remove the glasses.

9. If the eyes or the iris are covered by the glasses, you may need to select a smaller brush size to get the fine details.

10. Try your best to reconstruct the eye as you would imagine it to look under the glasses.

11. When you are done cloning over a section of the face, select the Smudge Tool.

12. Select an appropriate size brush for the Smudge Tool.
13. Set the Strength (at the top underneath the menu bar) to around 15%.

14. Begin smudging the cloned areas of the face. Try to be careful not to smudge too much or it will look noticeable when you are zoomed out and looking at the photo from the full 100%.

15. Below is an example of a completed section of the face.

16. Follow the same steps for the other parts of the face.

17. Use the smaller brush size to get the fine details as before.

18. Select the Smudge Tool and smudge the cloned areas that look inconsistent.

19. Finally, you will have your completed image with the glasses completely removed!

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